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ShowBox App Download (Free Movies App) – Latest Version of ShowBox APK: We have all had our bad days where we get home from a stressful day and being unable to do anything but be in a grump. We constantly look for ways to remove the stress out of our bodies and erase the no-good day that happened at school or work. You can always eat, or you can always just curl up in bed and do absolutely nothing. But if there’s one surefire way to help forget about the day, then it’s through binge watching your favorite videos! May it be a movie marathon, or finishing all the seasons of your favorite television series, everyone knows that the best way to unwind is to curl up on the couch while watching whatever’s on the television.

Unwinding with a Movie Marathon

With your favorite movies, you are able to unwind and reduce stress levels as you sit by your couch and turn the television on . Or, you also have the choice to go to the cinemas and drown in the comfy seats as you watch new films on a huge screen, high definition with awesome sound effects! It’s definitely the way to end the work week. What’s great is that you can spend it alone, or you’ll be able to have a marathon with friends as well! Alternatively, you will even be able to install apps that focus on streaming videos, such as ShowBox.

Drawbacks to Cinemas and Television

Unfortunately, watching movies on the television or the cinema has its drawbacks, one of it being not able to fit into your schedule. After all, you won’t be able to watch your favorites immediately. There are movie and television schedules you have to follow. Not only that, but cinemas are expensive, and television commercials are plain annoying! And, getting into your favorite cinema won’t be easier either. You will have to book the tickets, pay, and travel to the place. You can always pop in a DVD, but sometimes what you want is always missing. So what’s the solution?

ShowBox App Download – Latest Updated Version of ShowBox APK File


Stream all the latest movies and TV shows on your smartphone with ShowBox!

Streaming Videos

Streaming your favorite movies or television shows is easy, so long as you have a computer or mobile device, as well as stable Internet connection. All you need to do is to take a quick search online for what you want, and you’ll be able to find tons of choices as to where you want to watch. Apps like ShowBox will be able to do this.

One good thing about apps like ShowBox is that they are exclusively made for streaming videos online. It isn’t the other way round. All the time — we mean, every single time —, you have the freedom to stream the content you like, be it movies, TV series or something else that grabs your attention. And, without all the plans of downloading and copying it to your smartphone, these apps will let you enjoy the comfort of movies, wherever you are. Obviously, there are major advantages such as the perks of convenience and the ability for pausing. It’s more of a personal movie-watching, you know — but, with all the charms.

Benefits of Streaming Videos

Streaming videos have a bunch of benefits you’ll definitely appreciate. Here are just some of the benefits you could get:

  • Instead of going to a cinema, you’ll be able to do it right in the comforts of your own home. The best part is that you don’t have to travel, even a bit. In fact, cinemas come to you ????
  • You won’t waste any money on cinema tickets or transportation expenses for going to the mall. Plus, you save time that way! It’s cool because you would have had instances when you wanted to watch a film but was too lazy to go to the Cineplex.
  • When you are using ShowBox or other apps for streaming, there will be NO commercial breaks or trailers you have to sit through and watch. Until you get bored, you can watch favorite content without any distraction.
  • No need to follow any schedule; you can watch whatever you want anytime.
  • You are not only limited to watching at home. You get to watch anywhere you want, so long as you have the internet! The list goes onto popular TV Shows, Reality Shows, Documentaries, short videos, short films etc.
  • You get to control whether you want to pause, fast forward, or rewind the show.
  • There is no judgment as to what you do. It’s your home, and you get to do whatever you want, may it be snacking in your underwear or whatever works for you!
  • There is no limit to what you want to watch. The Internet has a vast collection of just about any video you’d like to watch, may it be an old film or a whole new television series. Watch whatever with no time limit. Showbox is an example of one of the apps where you are able to stream any videos online!
  • The best pro of all: It’s all free of charge, so long as you have the Internet with you.

These are just some advantages. There are a lot more benefits you are able to get out of streaming videos!



Where Do You Stream Videos?

Now that you know that streaming videos is an awesome option, there is one question: Where do you start streaming? There are various ways as to how you can stream videos. These are the main three ways on how you will be able to easily stream videos online:

  • YouTube has an abundant collection of entertaining videos you are able to watch, not limited to just movies and television shows. There are short, funny videos you can be entertained with, or you can also check out informative videos and documentaries as well. The only downfall would be the fact that you may not be able to find full versions of your television shows and movies, but just parts or trailers. That, and it also has commercials at the start of the video, which can get annoying. But it can be skipped in 5 seconds! And, the bad part is that YouTube isn’t a film-friendly app or service. So, chances are high that you will stay away if you are a movie freak.
  • With just a quick Google search, you are able to access dozens of websites that cater to streaming your favorite television shows or movies. The downfall? You will need to choose the right website, or you end up wasting your time trying to load something that is actually a fluke web player or would end up being in low quality. It also gets difficult with the dozens of advertisements that pop up. You can quit it, but it can get irritating having it pop up whenever you click something! And, if we take the probability of getting the right video, it will be 1 out of 10 or something around. And, this would definitely put you in trouble.
  • You can install apps such as ShowBox that specialize in streaming your favorite videos. It’s great because these apps are focused on one thing only, and that’s to entertain you through streaming your favorite movies or television shows; you just need to have an internet connection! These apps are usually free of charge and hold a lot of benefits and features, along with you being able to download them while streaming it. They are available on either PC, laptop, or mobile device. So, that makes it flexible and easy to use wherever platform. Plus, there aren’t many advertisements and these apps are easy to navigate, comparing it to using YouTube or websites for streaming. The downfall? Some apps may cost a bit, and some have registration and subscription fees, but you will be able to find an app that won’t do either! Sometimes, they end up in being low definition. However, as the story goes on, there is always a superb exception for streaming your favorite content online.


So, the best option is to stream videos using an app, isn’t it? But where will you be able to find an app that will have you streaming videos in high definition, without you having to go through all those downfalls when installing an app for streaming? With the many streaming apps available for downloading, it will be difficult to install just one, and even more difficult to find one that will be able to pass all the standards.

But there is one app that’s as good as Netflix or any other popular streaming app. And better: It’s free! What is this app? ShowBox APK!

ShowBox is an application that will get you full access to all the videos and media you want. There’s no limit to the amount you can stream, nor is there any fee, whatsoever. Yes, the app is free of charge and requires no subscription fee! You don’t have to pay anything for installing the app or streaming individual videos or movies. And, the best part is that you don’t need to register an account for accessing the service. It’s so simple that, once you have installed ShowBox on your Android smartphone or tablet PC, you would be able to start streaming, instantly.


Show Box is not just an app you can use for streaming. As an awesome service that’s capable of serving thousands of users, it has got a lot of features under that as well. Once you start using the ShowBox app, chances are that you won’t use any other app. Such huge is the collection that you don’t have to go back to those advertisements and related annoying stuff. Here are just some of its features:

  • The whole ShowBox App interface is designed as simple as possible in order for easy navigation no matter who is using it, may they be children or the elderly. No special skill or prior knowledge to anything needed. It’s user-friendly, and anyone will be able to use it with ease! When you do open the app, you can see the thumbnail-based list of available movies in ShowBox Gallery. By clicking on individual posters, you will be lead to the film page. And, it takes just a single tap for you to start streaming the complete movie into your device. Even when you don’t have experience with other streaming apps, ShowBox should work fine. showbox-movies-news
  • Like mentioned, there is NO registration needed in the ShowBox App. No need to put in your basic information or have your e-mail verified or what. You won’t even need to log in and risk forgetting your password as well! As we said, it’s an install-and-stream scenario in your device.
  • ShowBox has a vast collection of movies, television shows, and series, available for you to watch. There is no limit and the collection is updated regularly every single day. So, you will be able to watch out for new films and episodes. You will never get bored or be able to watch everything because there’s something new after each daily update.
  • You will be able to create a playlist based on your taste and preference from the videos you find in ShowBox. You can also save them if you would like to watch it for later, using the bookmark feature.
  • Do you want to know about the upcoming films? ShowBox has a dedicated section for trailers. In this section, you can get the latest trailers for the upcoming films. There is also a special tab for News, where you get up-to-date news about films as well as TV Series. When you are really into the world of cinemas and TV content, these tabs will surely help you to stay updated with what is happening.
  • You can download all the videos you want while streaming, so you will be able to watch offline and anywhere you want, with or without the Internet connection! This is perhaps the best feature you will love in ShowBox for Android. The entire movie or the TV Series can be downloaded and stored in your smartphone local storage. And, when you want to watch it, you can simply load it from the app — without requiring an active internet connection. This is an awesome feature if you are going somewhere you won’t have internet connection.
  • Rest assured, you will be watching all the content in high definition. You can even choose what quality you would like to watch in, depending on the speed of your internet connection. That is, if you have a slow internet connection, just pick the suitable video-quality. This is useful if you do prefer non-buffering streaming to the quality of the video.
  • You will be able to save and share these videos with your family and friends, via popular social networking sites. Found an awesome TV Series? You can share that with your friends in less than a few seconds.
  • It is available on different platforms. Whether you need ShowBox for Android, iOS, PC, or laptop, it doesn’t matter. You can have your ShowBox App Download from whatever mobile device or PC. There are different APK versions you can choose and download from, so you can watch using anything, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone you want! This way, you can make sure that you have the same collection of movies available in all the devices you use.
  • Not only is there a ShowBox app download available in just a quick search, but it’s crazy fast and you can start streaming in no time! With a lower installation size, the ShowBox download won’t eat your time.

Benefits of Using ShowBox APK

Just like its features, the benefits of using ShowBox for Android or any other platform is vast. If you are a serious movie-freak, installing ShowBox will be the best thing you can do. This way, you are relying on the powers of free web and ditching the systems that need you to pay for watching films.  Here are just some of the benefits you will be able to take advantage of:

  • You will now be able to watch anytime and anywhere because you are able to download the videos you want in ShowBox. So if you are using ShowBox for Android, you are able to save it onto your phone or tablet, and you can feel free to watch wherever, whether it’s while you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, or under your blanket. When compared to the YouTube Offline features, the videos don’t get expired. As long as you have enough storage space in the device, you can get the movies available for you. showbox-updates
  • You get to watch in the quality you choose. If you want to have it streamed fast but don’t care for quality as much, or your internet connection is crazy fast and you can stream in high definition, it’s all up to you! There are three quality choices in ShowBox for Android — 360p, 480p, and 720p. If the current connection does not handle the 720p print, you can simply shift into the lower one. And, if that too doesn’t work, you have the basic option. This works so impressively. And, we need to mention that even 480p version is awesome if you have a smartphone with a smaller screen.
  • If you have a movie marathon alone or with loved ones, you are able to have a playlist or bookmarked movies and television shows lining up, waiting to be watched next. No need to constantly search for the next movie or show anymore, because, with ShowBox, it’s all there waiting to be streamed. This is useful if you happen to break the marathon in-between. The next time you get sufficient free time, you can simply go and continue watching the same films from the ShowBox for Android app.
  • Just so long as you have the Internet connection, you will definitely save money from the expensive transportation and ticket expenses going to the cinema. Just think how much money you are made to spend on cinemas. This is not just about tickets, but also the drinks and others. So, by shifting onto ShowBox app, you are going to save a noticeable amount every single month. And, why pay money when you have an up-to-date movie collection available every time?
  • You will also save time and make your own schedule! No need to wait for the cinema and your favorite film, nor will you need to groan since you were late and missed your favorite television shows.
  • Minimal advertisements will come from ShowBox for Android. So, no need to groan about commercials or trailers no more! And trust us when we say that, ShowBox advertisements are not at all annoying. When compared to the ads you see on YouTube and other so-called free service, these are nothing. It’s high chances that you will see only one second of ad while streaming an entire movie via ShowBox.
  • Because of its easy navigation, there’s no need to study anything, nor will you need to be an expert of whatever, because you will be able to pick it up easily and quickly start streaming immediately after you will download ShowBox.
  • Looking for a ShowBox Download link? The fact that it’s easy to download and only takes a few steps is a benefit alone that should make you want to download it right away!
  • Save time and effort that you spend trying to search the web for good working website links or YouTube videos that will show full and quality versions of your favorite videos. Now, you have ShowBox and it will be able to give you all that for free and without any disturbances!
  • You can even have your ShowBox app connected to your Chromecast and be able to watch it on your television or any bigger screen for the ultimate movie experience. This is cool when you like to have a cinema-like experience at your home. Just need to share the content to Chromecast and your smart TV will start showing your favorite films or TV content. In this case, however, you will need a stronger internet connection.

*Also Download and Stream: ShowBox on Chromecast



Do you think that the movie playback in ShowBox app is bad? Then, you are really wrong about that thing. In fact, ShowBox is offering the best level playback for your favorite movies as well as TV Content. And, there are a few things that we loved about this app. And, we’ll go turn by turn into these playback-based features.


First, you don’t have to use the ShowBox player for streaming the content. Instead, you can choose the favorite media player from the list. Some people will prefer going with the native Android player while others are fine with VLC or something. If you have chosen Other Players, you can choose the player from prompt window. It happens so simply that you won’t find it a trouble.

Second, there is subtitle support. Yes, you heard that right. ShowBox works in integration with some of the popular web subtitle services to bring subtitle support for the movies you stream. You just have to log into one of those services and the subtitles will be visible on the playback window. It’s so cool, especially if you are that thorough with English accent. Or, it’s also good if you are watching non-English content.


Last but not least, talking about the quality, there is no compromise in that, either. Even with a moderate-speed internet connection, the streaming will be quite good. You won’t have to face much buffering.


It is essential to talk about the collection of ShowBox when we talk about the app. It’s so because this app is unique due to its exclusive collection of movies, TV Series, and whatnot.

As a movie-freak or an occasional movie-lover, you are going to love the collection offered by ShowBox. The best part is the collection is regularly updated. If you see one film on the first position, it will be 10th or 20th the next time you open the app. The updates are really quick and does not take much MBs either. So, ShowBox makes sure that you have instant access to the popular, newly-released films. That is, you are relieved from the task of downloading torrents and doing other stuff to keep the collection updated. It’s so simple that, with an impressive internet connection, you have all the movies you are looking for.

The best part is that ShowBox does not limit to commercially-successful movies either. In fact, you will be able to find critically-acclaimed films that you won’t find anywhere else. If you find them rare, you can simply download those movies via ShowBox and save them for later watching. It all works so simply that you will be amazed to see the collection. Same is the case with television series content. You don’t have to refresh or anything — new episodes will be added to the collection as soon as after they are aired.

And, as a typical or special movie-freak, you have much more reasons to love the ShowBox collection of movies and TV Content. In fact, it also has an Updates section, where you can keep track of information about the films or Series you love. You just head to that tab and enjoy the scene there.

How to Download and Install ShowBox App on Different Platforms

To download and install ShowBox is easy for any device. Whether you’re using an Android phone or tablet, an iPhone or iPad, or a PC or laptop, every device you’re using will work, so long as it’s able to play media and you have a stable Internet connection! It doesn’t even take a rocket scientist to do it either, and it only takes a few minutes. Here are tutorials on how to download the app for the respective platforms that offer ShowBox:

Android (Smartphone or Tablet)

As we mentioned earlier, ShowBox for Android is too simple, from the process of installation to streaming of your favorite content. All it requires is an internet connection that does not put you down. However, there is one thing about ShowBox Download for Android. Due to some reasons, this application is not available in Google Play Store. So, to replace that thing, you need to get the ShowBox APK. APK files, as you may know, is the alternative way to install apps on your Android device. So, you can simply get that APK file and finish the installation in a few seconds. Keep apart those useless warnings from Android UI, but you can be sure about the authenticity of ShowBox. With thousands of people using the same service, you don’t have to worry about its safety.

ShowBox Sample

  • Find the ShowBox APK download file from any reputable website and install the APK file on your PC. Make sure you know the folder where it will be downloaded into, or choose to download it to your desktop for easy access. (We have updated the post with the latest ShowBox APK file, download it from the link mentioned below:Download Link
  • Connect your Android phone or tablet into your PC, and transfer the downloaded ShowBox file from your PC to your device. Again, drag the file into a folder of your device that is familiar and can be easily seen.
  • Disconnect your device from the PC and look for the ShowBox file on your device. You need to enable Unknown sources app installation before that. Once you find the APK file, tap the file and install it.showbox-installing
  • After installation, ShowBox will now be on your device. Open it up, and you will now be able to use ShowBox and stream videos!


iOS (iPhone or iPad)

Just like we said, ShowBox is also available for devices running on iOS as well. It means you won’t have to stop your movies or TV Series just because you have moved from Android to iOS. However, it needs to be noted that ShowBox is known in another name when it comes to iOS. It is called MovieBox in iOS. All the features and available collections are same; it’s just the name that is different. And, as you guess, we have an effective method to download and install ShowBox app in your iOS device. There is something special about MovieBox for iOS. You may be having a bad time in downloading content to your iPhone or iPad. In the case of MovieBox, however, there is no limit. You can download and save the movies in your device without bothering about any issues.

There is no APK for iOS devices, but there is an easier method. You just have to follow the steps we have mentioned below. And, yes the method should work fine with both iPhone and iPad. Thanks to the regular updates from developers, almost all versions of iOS are supported by MovieBox.

ShowBox Movies


  1. Download vShare into your iOS device by visiting a reputable website that offers a download link.
  2. Depending if your device is jailbroken or not, select the options that are suitable for your iOS device.
  3. Install vShare and once it is installed, tap and select Trust when prompted.
  4. Search for Movie Box (The name of ShowBox for iPhone and iPad), and install it.
  5. Once installed, you can now use ShowBox for your iOS device and start streaming videos.


Downloading ShowBox for PC may be a bit tricky. Unlike Android and iOS, ShowBox does not have a native application for PCs and Macs. However, that does not mean that you can’t run ShowBox on a PC. There are several ways to do that. And the best method is to use an Android emulator. An Android emulator will create an Android-device inside your Windows or Mac device. And, you will be able to run ShowBox in the virtual version of Android. In effect, you can use ShowBox in PC to watch the content you want. Once the setup of the emulator is done, you just have to install the app and run it. Here too, the only requirement is an active connection. Or, if you prefer going offline, you have the option to download that too.

  1. You must first download an Android emulator. BlueStacks is the most recommended one that is reputable and effective. Not only that, but it’s free of charge.
  2. Make sure you have already downloaded the APK file of ShowBox.
  3. Open BlueStacks and search for the ShowBox file
  4. Click on the file and start the installation process.
  5. Once it’s completely installed, go to the installed tab of BlueStacks, and you will see ShowBox
  6. Open it up, and you will be able to now stream videos online on your PC!

These are very easy procedures as to how you will be able to download the ShowBox app into your different types of devices. Simple and easy to do, they only take a few minutes and after that, you’ll be able to use it without disturbance!

How to Use the ShowBox App

These are very easy procedures as to how you will be able to download the ShowBox app into your different types of devices. Of course, you have to follow different steps for different devices, but, there is one thing that is common for all. It’s that you don’t have to bother about the app after installation. You’d be able to load the app and start watching movies as many times you like.

Now that you have ShowBox installed on your device, what’s next? Start streaming, of course! It’s very easy to navigate through, but for those who need help, here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to use ShowBox:

  1. Once you have ShowBox opened on your device, you can see the main interface of ShowBox. It will be showing the list of updated movies along with posters.showbox-main-interface
  2. Now, in order to find the movie or television series you are looking for, you can the Search Tab. Type in what you want to watch and hit Enter. You don’t have to enter the full name, but starting letters would do the job.showbox-search
  3. Once you see what you want to watch, you need to select it. If you have chosen a film, you will be lead to the main page directly. However, if you are planning to watch some TV Series, you have to select the season and episode from the list. Once you are done, you can start streaming from the main page.showbox-tv-series-menu
  4. You can choose to download, bookmark, or stream it. You can even add it to your playlist! Select the option you want to do. All these options are available from the main page of ShowBox. That is, you won’t have any trouble in getting things done.
  5. Once you have it streaming, find the quality you would like to watch it in. If your internet is slow, or you would like it streamed quickly, go for the low or middle quality. If your internet is fast or you would like to watch in high definition, select the best quality ShowBox has to offer. showbox-film-page-3
  6. Wait for the video to buffer, and start streaming and watching your favorite videos online!showbox-tv-series-loading

Any Problems?

If you’re interested in giving ShowBox a try, you will be able to do a quick search for the appropriate ShowBox APK files to download online. You will find updates of these download links, as well as more information about how to install it if you are still confused or having trouble installing the file.

If you ever have any problems, you can also look it up online to see if there are remedies or other users who share the same experience as well. You will also be able to contact the developers of ShowBox themselves through their various websites where they post download links for your devices. Again, it will just take another quick search, and your problems will be solved in no time. In short, the support section of ShowBox is much better than that of YouTube or Netflix. Here, the difference is that the support team won’t take money from you. Instead, these movie-lovers will be more than welcome to help you fix your issues and let you start streaming what you want.

Also Download: ShowBox for Mac OS X


Technology today is amazing, with you being able to keep yourself entertained with the best movies and television shows out there. It isn’t just the media that’s developing, but the Internet as well, with you being able to stream videos! Not only will you wow at the graphics and talent directors and actors have, but you will have to appreciate the app developers who have made ShowBox possible! With ShowBox, you are now able to watch anywhere and anytime. This is a great improvement when compared to the old times. You might remember the days when you had to keep yourself in the queue to get the tickets for your favorite movie. Even then, the movie experience won’t be worth it — due to the annoying claps and other sound there. Now, you have a better way to do all these.

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Now instead of stressing over television schedules and having to wait after another stressful day at the office or school, you can now stream your favorite videos with the help of ShowBox. Watching your favorite videos has never been this easy with the help of this app. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your movie marathon! In the shortest terms, ShowBox is the new, effective and impressive ways of staying tuned to the world of films, TV Series and other media content. And, you love it, don’t you?


ShowBox App Download – Latest Version of ShowBox APK
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