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ShowBox for PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & XP) – ShowBox for Windows App Download: Movies are the latest source of entertainment nowadays for all. Movies are in trend because they are easily available on the internet or through DVDs or CDs and therefore are the most common entertainer. There are many subcategories available like comedy, thriller, horror, romantic, serious, animated and much more people can watch according to their choices. So now watching latest movies has become a matter of pride for many. With many movies getting released on the same day it gets difficult to see all the movies in the theaters and also if you like some movie you cannot go again and again to the theater. So downloading from the internet is the most convenient option nowadays and with apps like ShowBox for PC, it gets much easier. This app gives you the access to latest movies.

Why should you be downloading movies?

When a movie is seen in a PVR it gives a complete effect, that is true but you cannot watch all movies in the PVR. Even if you do the movie will be replaced by some other movie. What if you loved a movie so much that you want to see it again and again? What if a movie really touches you and you fall in love with a scene that touches your heart? That is the answer to why you download a movie so that you can always see your favorite scene and feel the magic again.

ShowBox for PC App Download (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & XP)


ShowBox app is for Android phones, but can also be used for laptops, thanks to the emulators. This app streams the latest movies and TV episodes for you without any cost. You can enjoy all your favorite shows on your smartphone or laptop sitting at home absolutely free. This app can be installed on various android based devices. ShowBox is not available on Google Store. So you can download the ShowBox app through Bluestack emulators. This app is the answer to problems many users face as some have an android phone and tablets and some have laptops so this app is for both and can be downloaded from the same link given online.

Why Should You Download ShowBox App for PC?

ShowBox for PC app gets you the latest movies and episodes easily on your desired gadget. ShowBox for PC app saves you the trouble of surfing the net and then finding the right video out of many options available there and then also it is not guaranteed the quality of video you may get. The software engineers of this app have considered every factor that could be needed by the user. It is made sure that user is completely comfortable while streaming movies.

This app gives you quality movies and shows with ease and comfort. This app is for those people who are crazy about films and do not want to miss out any movie. Download the app and enjoy sitting at home. The biggest of all reasons is that it is free of cost. No money required to download it. No money required watching movies on it. No money required for downloading. No money required to TV shows. No money required for searching for music. There is no hidden cost, you just have to simply spend few MBs of your net pack and you have the app on your device and best HD entertainment in your hands.

How to Download and Install ShowBox for PC?

ShowBox for Windows PC, ShowBox for Windows 7, ShowBox for PC searches will lead you to the same destination that is BlueStacks android emulator. The instructions to download the app are –

  • Download the ShowBox APK on your PC or on your Android device (transfer later on to your PC)
  • Next, download and install BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC.

  • After the file is downloaded you have to open it using the emulator. The ShowBox for PC App will be installed on your personal computer.
  • You are done! ShowBox for PC app has been successfully installed.

Features of the ShowBox for PC App

Firstly there is streaming for latest movies and that is also for free! What is better than that? You can watch the movie or download it. ShowBox for PC app allows you both. ShowBox for PC app allows you to stream latest TV shows also. The latest update of ShowBox for Windows PC allows you to search for music too and to create your favorite playlist. Many times it happens that you are tired and come home and there is no one there now what can you do that requires no effort and can entertain you for hours? The answer is ShowBox app. You can just lie in your bed and stream any movie or TV show or Music and simply watch them. Do not think that you are getting everything for free so there would be any compromise in the quality of the video. All the movies and TV shows are available in HD.

Tips for the first timers

Any app can be confusing at first. With so many options you tend to wonder what option is for what? Many times you just use the basic options and many options remain unused. Although the use of ShowBox app is very easy but still not everyone is a regular user of such apps. So if you are a first time user of ShowBox for PC app then here are some tips.

  • Firstly delete all the music search apps as this app alone will get you movies, TV shows and music to see and listen or to download for free.
  • Now you can open the menu bar at the top. It has all the options.
  • From movies option, you can choose the genre of movie you want to see (this kills the pain of not knowing whether the movie is comedy or suspense or any other genre).
  • You can decide to watch online or to download as per your need (you do not need any other app for download.
  • The music option has the option to search and add songs to your playlist that you can create on the app itself.

Problems you may encounter with ShowBox for PC App

Problems sometimes occur with high technology. Sometimes downloading is troublesome or sometimes the gadget does not play along with you. Problems might occur and only due to some settings. They can be easily solved and you can do it yourself. You do not need an expert. There are two types of problems you may encounter with ShowBox for PC app –

  • “Unfortunately, ShowBox has stopped” error may be there after the new update. To solve this go to Settings then to General then Apps. Then select ShowBox and Force Stop and Clear Data & Clear Cache and then restart ShowBox for PC app. After changing this setting you can also try re-installing.
  • If the “watch now” option is not available then you have to change your server option from torrents to a server to stream video instead of download.

If you face any other problem then simply leave a comment on their site and the admin will answer to your query.


The ShowBox for PC app has got positive reviews so far based on the comments given by the users on their official site. The users have used appreciative words like convenient, flexible, love it and much more. The site’s admin is there for replying to any queries you post in the comment section. Now, what is better? You surfing the net with your problems and sometimes paying the software guys or simply leaving a comment on the site and getting an easy do it yourself solution.

The only demerit of the app is that it is only available for Android devices and Android-based emulators. No one can convince you better than you yourself using the app. No reviews can give you the experience. So just download the app and try it for yourself. It would not cost you anything so trying the app would not hurt you instead you will have an amazing experience.

Final Words

ShowBox App for PC is much better than many of the apps as firstly it allows you to watch online or to download. Many apps only either allow to watch online or to download. This app also gets you your TV shows so you are not forced to watch your mother’s favorite shows. Then there is music! Many apps only deal with movies and TV shows and not music. All these features are for freely available in this single app. What can get better than that?

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ShowBox for PC App Download
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