Apps like ShowBox – Best ShowBox Alternatives

ShowBox App is one of the best smartphone apps available across the internet today. This app is available to be downloaded for free on the internet. The app allows you to stream and watch all your favorite TV shows, Movies, Cartoons, Movie Trailers and video songs onto your mobile device. The mobile app is full of a wide range of content covering different genres and languages. Users won’t have to miss out on their favorite shows on this app because of the language barrier as they can watch the content across a number of languages. However, some of the users are complaining about the ShowBox app currently which is facing some problems. Today, we are going to tell you some of the apps which are ShowBox alternatives. These apps like ShowBox will solve the problem people are currently experiencing on ShowBox App. These apps are:

Apps like ShowBox – Best ShowBox Alternatives


Playbox HD App

One of the best ShowBox alternatives present across the internet is the PlayboxHd app. This app contains all those features which are already available in the ShowBox app so that you don’t miss out on any fun altogether. You can easily watch movies and TV shows in HD just like you do through the ShowBox app. You can easily connect this app to your TV and stream your content using the Chromecast besides able to watch latest movie trailers and songs on the app. You can also download the content from the Playbox HD app to watch on your smartphone whenever you want at a later time.


Movie Box App

One of the apps like ShowBox that I would personally recommend is the MovieBox app. The free movie app is available across all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and more. The app is full of decent features. The collection of unlimited old and new movies is as huge as compared to many other apps on this list. You can easily watch the ratings of all the movies before viewing them and the app also includes the option to switch on/off the subtitles. You get a number of different video viewing quality options such as HD, Low, Medium, 360 p, 480 p and 720 p.

Sky HD App

One of my all-time favourite ShowBox alternatives apps is the Sky HD app, which is developed by the HD cinema app developers. The app has got an easy to understand and use interface which makes the task of navigating and searching across the app very easy to deal it. Besides, the app also contains a huge database collection of all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV streams in HD. This app is available for you free of cost to watch unlimited content over a number of different platforms.

Crackle App

There is no doubt that the best ShowBox alternatives app present across the internet is the Crackle app. This app is a must-have for those people who like to enjoy their media content on the word go. The app is full of all the latest and old movies and TV shows.Currently, this app boasts of over 20-30 millions of active users. One of the coolest features of this app includes the Add to watch list option. You can add all your favourite movies and shows to your created a watch list to watch them later on at your own comfort. There would be no need to go searching for this content again across the app. You can easily download the Crackle app onto your smartphones as it is readily available for both Android and iphone/iPad users.

Hulu App

The American Based Hulu app is another brilliant ShowBox alternatives app. Although the Hulu App is not a free service as compared to the ShowBox app, the monthly subscription fee is nominal. You can easily watch the huge database of movies and TV shows on the Hulu App across your Laptop, PC, Virtual Reality Set, Smartphones, TV, Chromecast and tablets. You can also stream these movies to your TV Screens using the casting feature from the Google Chromecast. You can also create a watch list on Hulu to add the content which you want to view at a later time.


Movie HD App

These two apps are very much similar to apps like ShowBox. These apps contain an easy to understand and use interface, providing you with an easy navigation throughout the apps. You can easily enjoy the plethora of latest movies and TV shows for free in HD on these apps. These apps are available to download across various platforms on the internet. You don’t have to pay any movie to enjoy the benefits of these apps.

Hubi App

Hubi streaming and download app is another of those brilliant ShowBox alternatives apps available across the internet. You won’t find it difficult to navigate or search on the app because of the easy to understand and use interface of the app. This app contains a large collection of all the latest and old videos, movies, TV shows to watch online or you can even download it to watch it a later time on your smartphone. Additionally, the Hubi app has got a really advanced internet download manager. This helps to track your recent visits and remember them for future usage on this app. You can also save your links on the download manager to be able to download them at a later time. This app is available to download for all the Android smartphones across the internet.


Another of those apps like ShowBox is the MovieTube app which is available to be downloaded and install across the internet. This app is full of HD Videos, Movies and a number of T.V Shows, both past and currently being streamed on TV. You can easily stream and watch all the media contents of the MovieTube app across a number of different platforms including Windows Pc, Mac Pc, Android smartphones and iOS. You can easily download the MovieTube app from their official website or support page.

Popcorn Time

One another ShowBox alternatives app is the Popcorn time movie app. This app is designed to be used on all the devices including Linux, iOS, Android and Windows. You can easily enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows on this app. You can enjoy, watch and stream all your favourite movies on the app across various different video qualities such as HD, 720p, 480p, 360p according to your internet connection speed or the type of your device.

Cartoon HD App

If you are an adherent Cartoon lover and want to watch cartoons anywhere you are, then the Cartoon HD App is the app you need to have on your device. This app has been a huge success in the United Kingdom and is being currently expanded to other countries across the world. The app is full of all the cartoons you would have ever watched across your lifetime and also includes a decent collection of all the latest movies and TV shows. This app is available only for the iOS users. This app is not as good as the ShowBox app but you can still enjoy watching unlimited movies and TV Shows on your device.

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Box TV

Box TV is also another of the best ShowBox alternatives present across the internet today. You can easily enjoy all the features and benefits of the ShowBox app on this app including watching all the latest movies and TV Shows in HD. You can also download all these videos to your smartphone if you want to watch them at a later time. The Box TV app contains a large collection of movies, cartoons, trailers and TV shows across a number of different languages and genres. Besides, you can also stream these videos to your TV Screens from the Box TV app using the Chromecast. Now, you won’t have to wait for your TV Channels to show your favourite shows and movies according to their wish. You can easily watch all of them at your convenience whenever you want to on this app.



Netflix is one of the most popular video and movie streaming app available across the internet. This app is available to both the iOS and Android Users allowing them to easily stream and watch their favourite TV Shows and movies on their smartphones. You can install this app and enjoy your favourite media on the go. This is another app like ShowBox which is very popular.

Final Words on these Apps like ShowBox (Best ShowBox Alternatives)

ShowBox is one of the best apps available across the internet for users to watch all the latest Movies, shows, cartoons and songs across the internet. However, the latest issues with the app have not gone down well with the users who are frantically looking out for the alternatives to the ShowBox app. Most of the apps on this article can be termed as good alternatives to the ShowBox app but only time will tell if they can replace the ShowBox altogether on people’s smartphones or not.

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Apps like ShowBox – Best ShowBox Alternatives
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