When you have made the decision to sell your old home, you have to make the proper arrangements and preparations in order to successfully close the deal with a buyer. For people looking to buy a home, they will want to be informed about everything about the home and be made aware of any issues or defects in the property in order to really make an informed purchase. For you as a seller, you will have to have to home undergo a home inspection in order to have everything checked and a report created for the buyer to look at.

Home inspections are important to the buyer as it makes them aware of what they are buying and if the price will be worth it. As the seller of the home, you will obviously want the home to pass the home inspection so that the buyer will be satisfied and more likely to make the purchase. So how can you make sure that the home passes the home inspection? Here is what you should do:

  1. Clean up and tidy everything – When the inspector is going to be moving around the home, you want to make sure that everything is in its place and nothing will obstruct their way as they go around the home. Other than decluttering, you want to make sure that spaces that will need to be accessed such as the ventilation, under the sink, cooling, etc. are clean and free from any obstruction so that these can be inspected with ease.
  2. Empty all of the appliances – Home owners often overlook this when they put their homes through a home inspection to sell it. Before the schedule of the home inspection you want to make sure that the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, stove, and other appliances are emptied out. When the inspector will come into the home, he will be testing these and you do not want your washing machine to be filled with any dirty clothes when he does.
  3. Make sure bulbs are working – The report that the home inspector creates will include every little detail about the house which means that even if a single light bulb in the home isn’t working, it will be reported. You do not want that to be reflected because as simple it may seem it adds costs onto the buyer to replace which may deter him from pushing through with purchasing the home. If you have any lights in the house that are already out, make sure to replace them.
  4. Provide access to everywhere in the property – During the home inspection the inspector has to be able to go around the house unrestricted. To make sure that he does so, you will want to unlock all of the doors inside the house. This includes any gates, and entrances such as sheds within the property. Also, if your home has an attic, make sure it is accessible (by providing a ladder) and that the area is decluttered and easy to move around through.