http://www.chateauxatfox.comWhen it comes to getting married, different couples make different decisions about their wedding. Some couples want to have hundreds of people at their big day. They can’t live with the thought of someone they know missing out on their wedding, so they invite their extended families, friends they knew in high school or college, and coworkers. Before they know it, a thousand people are attending their big day. Other people prefer a smaller wedding, just with their immediate families and best friends. There are some couples who like the idea of a destination wedding, while other couples choose to get married in the town or city where they met and live. The point here is that different couples are into different things, which is precisely why there are so many different types of weddings in the country each year.

With all that being said and understanding that couples are unique, every couple out there should consider an outdoor wedding. Here are the three big reasons why.

1. They’re Beautiful. The first reason why every couple should be thinking about having an outdoor wedding is because of how beautiful they are. You can say your vows to the person you love while the sun shines through, or you can stand in front of your friends and family and have the ocean or mountains as the backdrop. There are some spectacular indoor wedding venues in the country, but nothing compares to standing in front of the ocean or the Rocky Mountains. If you live in a city like Denver and you start looking at Denver outdoor wedding venues and indoor venues, you quickly realize just how more spectacular the outdoor venues really are.

2. They’re Immense. The immensity of getting married outside is also a big reason why you should consider this type of wedding. There’s just nothing like standing outside and displaying your love for the person you care most about. Getting married inside simply can’t compare.

3. They’re More Memorable. The final reason why every couple out there should be considering an outdoor wedding is because they’re more memorable than their indoor brethren. That isn’t to say that indoor weddings aren’t memorable, but there’s something about being outside and giving your vows in the outdoors that makes people remember the wedding more vividly. There are more sounds and more sights to draw your attention and activate the brain, and that makes people’s minds more susceptible to remembering the event. Has there been a scientific study about this? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not the case.

If you’re convinced that you want to have an outdoor wedding and you live in the great state of Colorado, The Chateaux at Fox Meadows should be one of the first venues you consider. With stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and a spectacular building to come in and out of, it’s clearly one of the premier outdoor venues in the state. When you look at the gallery on their website, you’ll quickly realize why so many people choose to get married there.