If you are starting your own fitness center or health club then you likely already have an idea of some of the many types of revenue that you will have as your club grows. As you start your planning and developing of your business plan, then you will also want to develop the types of transaction services that you want to utilize for your new club. This is very important as you will want to be sure that you find the right types of revenue and transaction services for your club from the beginning so that you can put the right processes and procedures into place as you get started.

First, it is important to recognize some of the many different types of revenue that you may see coming in. This will help you as you start searching for the right transaction services group for your business. Listed here are several sources of revenue that you may have for your health club:

  1. Membership costs. You will find a lot of your revenue, especially at the beginning from membership costs and getting what you want and need out of your yearly, monthly or semi annual memberships. Over time, you can find the right software system that will allow you to manage this in a much easier manner while also finding the right solutions that can help your members manage their own memberships as well. You can set up features such as direct deposit and more.
  2. Additional classes. You will also want to work on getting revenue from any additional classes that you choose to offer. This can entail getting more revenue from additional class offerings such as spinning classes or extra yoga classes.
  3. Personal training income. Another form of revenue that you may see come into your club is personal training income. This is a type of income that can come in through hiring or contracting personal trainers for your gym and taking a cut of the proceeds.
  4. Store income. If you want to have a store in order to sell t-shirts and other types of workout gear, then you can also see revenue coming in from your store.
  5. Juice bar/food income. Also, if you want to have a juice bar, coffee shop or other small treats, this can be a great form of revenue.

As you can see, these were just a few of the many different types of revenue sources that you can expect when it comes to finding the right options for your new gym or fitness center. Of course, you will want to be sure that you can find the right options that will work for  you as you get started and then grow from there. You can also work to find the transaction service group that will best help you meet your needs. You can start by contacting the experts over at TSG. They offer a variety of software solutions for the health club and fitness industries at a higher level. You can see when you are ready for them and they can help make all of your revenue tracking much easier.