Reports stated that oil lease issuance was roaring full steam ahead even when while the government shutdown went on. This was quite surprising because one would expect all branches of the government to slow down when a government shutdown takes place.

Despite potential calls from activist groups and the overall government shutdown, the interior department kept running. The interior department steadily chugged along, reviewing permits for the purposes of oil and gas drilling.

One of the reasons why this arm of the government kept moving along is probably because energy can never rest. The energy industry has to keep moving along to be able to keep the lights on for many different parties involved in the sector.

This was evidenced by the actions of key government agencies involved in the oil and gas sector, such as the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

The Bureau of Land Management kicked into a gear, dialed a few of its employees and got them back to work to make sure that they were reviewing gas exploration requests. This was a reassuring move for the sector, since the agency is directly involved in growth of energy related activities on areas that are owned by the federal government.Oil Lease

The latter agency, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, is involved in the matters related to energy activities that take place on the waters controlled by the United States of America. This bureau also went about bringing its own employees back to conduct their duties as necessary.

Oil lease and gas lease sales were still in the cards and were scheduled to be deployed in compelling states such as New Mexico, and several others that included more states that were located in or near the western coast of the United States.

But not all aspects of the oil and gas lease sale opportunities went through as planned during the extensive government shutdown. As a matter of fact, opportunities for oil and gas lease release plans were delayed in areas such the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic. These gas lease opportunities were quite a few, reaching up to 40 in total.

These are not small opportunities either. They carry hundreds of acres of land with them that would be great for oil and gas lease releases. These parcels of land can hold more than 400 million barrels of oil and a steady amount of natural gas as well.

Some of these oil exploration sites may be within close proximity to national parks but safety and precautions are usually followed to make sure that these sites are preserved.

The government shutdown has now ended, which means that these oil and gas lease opportunities can proceed as planned.


The Government Plays a Key Role in the Energy Sector

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