Roof replacement, the one aspect of roofing that every home owner has to go through sooner or later in their life. residential roof replacement

But since it is such as a rare occurrence that it takes place only once or twice in a lifetime for a homeowner, first-hand information for residential roof replacement often gets lost in translation.

To help you with your roof replacement, here are a few tips on the dos and don’ts of the process.

By keeping them in mind, you can ensure to navigate through the many requirements of residential roof replacement with ease while staying away from anything that could cause issues for you.


Don’t Try to Keep Repairing a Roof That Needs to be Replaced

The requirement to replace your roof usually comes when your existing roofing material has lived out its lifespan and there’s not much to be done in terms of repairs anymore. This notion is strengthened when reliable roof contractors say the same thing after inspecting your roof.

If that inspection by roofing contractors has already been done, then there really isn’t much you could do in terms of saving the existing roofing. Therefore, stop trying to look into alternative ways of roof repair, and focus on roof replacement instead.


Do Look Into Roof Contractors Who Specialize in Roof Replacement

Instead of hiring the same roofing contractors who have been repairing your roof and only specialize in roofing repair, try looking into other roof contractors who specialize in roof replacement. Not all contractors who do good repairs could bring the same level of proficiency to roof replacement, as the latter has a more extensive approach to it.

You may find new roof replacement contractors through references, or by even asking your current roof contractors in case they do not specialize in this segment of roofing. In case you are in Colorado, you can contact specialty roofing contractors in the form of Roof Worx, a family owned company that has been in business since 1999.


Don’t Think It’d Cost the Same As Roof Repair

Since residential roof replacement is a more extensive process, it is bound to take more time, and thus, involve more costs than repairs.

Think about it. While repairs involve a process of “mending” any damage on your current roofing material, “replacement” requires your existing roofing materials to be taken out and get permanently switched out with newer materials. This is something that is more cumbersome than simple repairs, which is why its cost is always more than a repair project. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that if a roofing contractor is charging you too low of a fee, then their work quality will be just as cheap, shoddy, and leave a lot to be desired.


Do Become Vigilant on Deadlines

In some cases, roof replacement is even more difficult than roof repair due to the aforementioned reason of having to take the previous roofing materials out before new materials could be installed.

You need to make sure that you are on top of the project in terms of deadlines, so that you can arrange your own affairs in a timely fashion. If you let your roof contractors become derelict with meeting deadlines, then it might cause a lot of problems for you.