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You have probably heard the phrase that the home is where the heart is. This essentially means that the home is where you are your truest self and where you find peace, love, connection and comfort. This may be because your home is full of family or things you love or happy memories or even as a signifier of success you have achieved in your life or accomplishments you are proud of. One of the other things this phrase, ‘the home is where the heart is’ could mean, however, is that the home is where you feel safe.

One of the things that makes a home feel safe is privacy. Privacy at home means that you feel like you are free to live your life and go about your business without feeling like you could be intruded upon. While this may seem like an easy thing to ensure, most houses are full of windows that can make it difficult to feel like you have privacy all the time, especially if you do not have window coverings such as blinds. Here are a few ways to help amp up the feeling of privacy at home.

Invest in home security. Home security systems can range in pricing as well as technological advancement, however there are many options that might help you feel safe such as security cameras, alarm systems, motion detector lights and more. Many of these products can be installed quickly and some even integrate with your phone so you can keep watch over your home remotely.

Work with Blinds N Shades to equip your windows with window coverings. Blinds are effective and simple because they can quickly provide you with a feeling of privacy. By blocking out direct view into your windows, you will immediately feel.a bit more at ease and safe. No one wants to feel like a stranger could easily peek into their home, especially for those who worry about burglary and break ins.

Make sure your locks are solid. Another way to feel like you have a bit more privacy is by making sure your doors are equipped with locks that make you feel safe. Some people choose to not only have a regular door lock, but also a deadbolt or chain as well. This will give you an added sense of security and feel like you have double protection for your home and entryways.

Maximize your landscaping. This is a bonus idea considering it doesn’t exactly take place in your house, however landscaping outside your home can greatly help with privacy. This can be done through hedges and large trees at the perimeter of the yard or perhaps even bushes close to the windows to keep anyone from approaching or getting too close.

As you can see, there are many ways you can improve the feeling of privacy in your home, from shades to security to utilizing nature. When you improve the feeling of privacy in your home you are likely to feel much more at ease in your space.