No matter the size of their building or operations, every homeowners association (HOA) wants to employ a property management firm to help with its day to day tasks.

These firms bring a certain level of expertise to the segment of HOA management which resident members of the HOA may not have at their disposal. Through this expertise, these HOA association management firms can make the otherwise difficult tasks seem so much easier.HOA management

But there are times when your HOA may have drawn out the shortest straw while selecting its property management firm, and ended up with a company that does not have a grip on what it’s doing while pretending that it has everything under control.

However, determining the performance can be difficult at the surface, since you may not know what to look for on an immediate glance. But that’s where the following signs come in to let you know exactly where your HOA association management firm stands in terms of performance.

It Does Not Have a Great Rapport with the Staff

This could be one of the most subtle yet the most crucial signs about the property management firm failing to do its job properly.

One of the most crucial aspects of an HOA management company is for it to establish great communication with the staff that helps run its operations. If the security and maintenance personnel as well as other staff members of your property are not happy with the way things are run, then it may cause significant performance issues in the long run.

If your community property management firm fails to see this and address the issues, then it points towards it not being capable enough of doing its job.

It Does Not Have Through Documentation Procedures in Place

Another important aspect of HOA management comes in the form of documentation. Regardless of the nature of an HOA task or activity, your HOA association management firm should be able to have documentation referencing to it.

For instance, if a meeting was held for the renovation proposals of the community property, then minutes should be complied and shared with all stakeholders. If a new vendor was hired for the landscaping tasks, then the process leading up to their hiring should be presented in a documented form. And if any communication was made with the HOA attorney, then it should be put down on paper.

This allows everyone in the HOA to be informed of what exactly is going on with the association. Failure to comply with this cannot just keep everyone out of the loop, but could be detrimental to the HOA in the long run.

Its Accounting Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

Accounting and budgeting should be one of the top priorities of an HOA management firm. Needless to say, it is due to how proper finance management can show greater accountability to homeowners, and help the HOA make decisions regarding future expenditures and any additional measures they need to take to generate extra income.

If the property management firm is not able to maintain proper operating procedures regarding this crucial aspect, then it points towards the creation of very grueling problems for the HOA association management in the future.

Therefore, if you do notice this being a pattern in your selected HOA management company, then it might be time to bid farewell to it and selecting a credible, reliable and experienced community property management firm to meet the homeowners’ expectations accordingly.