For a long time most of the things in my home were randomly matched together depending on what kinds of things that I could find when. There wasn’t much of a method to the madness but it all kind of came together somehow. Or at least so I thought.
Recently I decided that I am enough of an adult now that I should probably actually put some thought and effort into the interior design of my home and try to give it a little bit more of a clear design idea. From the get go I didn’t have that much of an idea of what I should do or how things should look and so I decided to go out and ask for help. After asking around a little bit, the one thing that I kept on hearing was to go and check out United Decorators. What is great about United Decorators is that they are not just an interior design company that is going to charge a bunch of money for their snotty opinion. Instead they are actually a custom window treatment and custom upholstery retailer who also have a number of interior designers on staff to help their customers come up with a good interior design plan for their home. All I had to do then was to go and talk to the staff at United Decorators and first I decided to look at buying new custom window treatments and get rid of the pieces of fabric I had draped over a metal rod that I broke off of something else. interior designersThis was a good place to start because it first gave me a good launching point to think about what kind of a style I would like to have in this room and then how I can match other things in that room to match within this idea that I was starting to build. The woman I talked to at United Decorators was super nice and reminded me not only to think about the aesthetics of the kind of window covering that I wanted but also to think about the functionality. After all, one thing that I think people probably forget a lot is that your custom window treatments are not just a thing to look pretty in your home. You also want to be able to block out the sun or push for your privacy or whatever else.
Once I had great window treatments picked out, the interior designers at United Decorators helped me pick out matching custom upholstery for this old couch that I wanted to jazz up. There is already two big things crossed off of my list and since the interior designer that helped me was a feature of United Decorators where I bought the custom window treatments and custom upholstery, it didn’t cost me an arm and a let. That is what I call being a fancy adult while still trying to be on at least a little bit of a budget.