http://www.jkroofing.comThere’s always severe weather in the US each summer, from hurricanes and tornadoes to hail and strong winds. Each year brings something unique, and a natural disaster is always a threat to occur. However, it looks like the summer of 2018 might be one for the ages. Already this year the country has seen excessive flooding events in the Midwest, incredible drought and heat in the West, and hurricanes forming off of the western coast of Mexico. The ocean waters are quite warm this year, and that makes it more likely that strong hurricanes will form. Whether or not these hurricanes hit the mainland is yet to be seen, but if there are enough of them, there’s obviously a much greater chance that one or two of them will.

As you probably know, there are a lot of consequences that severe weather can cause, and one of them is ensuring that the¬†roofing¬†industry stays busy. Whenever there’s a sever weather event, such as hail or a hurricane, there’s a lot of damage done to properties, and the roofs of buildings always take a beating. They’re the first line of defense against storms, and so they end up being one of the first things to get damaged. Thus, you’ll always see roofers out working on homes after a bad storm.

The problem in the US right now is that the summers are getting much warmer, and that means it’s much more likely that severe weather will form. When it’s 95 degrees outside, there’s a lot of energy in the air, and that energy can get transformed into some pretty bad storms. This is especially true for the coasts since warm water makes hurricane formation more likely, but heat and humidity can also make storms more likely in other parts of the country. If the summer is as hot as it is expected to be, you can bet that there will be more severe weather than normal, and that’s bad news for the roofs of buildings in the country.

Thus, you can expect 2018 to be a very busy year for roofers as they try to keep up with the damage that’s caused by the weather and climate. It’s quite likely that in some parts of the country companies offering¬†roofing services will have to hire more employees just to keep up with the demand.

If you live in a part of the country where it’s likely that you’re going to get severe weather this year, you might want to wait until the end of the summer to have your roof repaired. That way you only have to have it repaired once rather than multiple times. Of course, if the damage is bad enough, you won’t have a choice, but if you can hold off until the end of the summer then you won’t have to worry about a bad hailstorm ruining your newly installed roof. It would be smart to hold off on contacting a roofing company like¬†J & K Roofing until the warm temperatures start to recede this upcoming fall.