We love our sports movies.

They inspire us, they motivate us and they might even educate us on the ins and outs of that very sport that is being depicted by a particular movie.

Some have favorite movies in the gymnastics arena as well. The truth is that may not have been as popular as sports that are in much more demand such as basketball, volleyball, football, baseball and others, but the truth remains that gymnastics movies are still out there.

They provide a level of quality that one has to watch out for. One can be drawn to the allure of the elegance and intensity of the sport, which is quite necessary as well, since one has to truly be in the gymnastics training game to understand and live out the life.

Gymnastics movies can provide a glimpse into the gymnastics arena, into the behind the scenes of how legendary gymnasts are molded, shaped and refined to become and show individuals how gymnastics training and gymnastics classes can work.

Gymnastics movies can also provide different opportunities for different people to potentially get involved and start their own journey into the world of gymnastics.

A world that will accept everyone if they are willing to train, to grow and become much better at their craft over time. Whether it is by seeing them in tumbling class or in gymnastics classes.

Gymnastics movies also show a different side of the gymnasts as well. They can provide different insight into how their lives may vary from other athletes, thus drawing a wide variety of people to the sport.


A Few Recommendations for Gymnastics Movies

What sort of gymnastics movies should you watch? Do they have rom-coms in this genre? Are they like inspirational Disney Channel movies where the hero comes out on top of their gymnastics class despite all odds? Perhaps they are like I, Tonya where the figure skater is the anti-hero?

A lot of questions could be racing through your mind at the subject, which are all very understandable. However, you don’t need to put yourself through further stress, since this list of gymnastics movies offers nothing but pure, unadulterated entertainment in its purest form while also offering gymnastics aficionados a way to pay tribute to their favorite sport.

We have created a short list for you to get to know the most popular movies in gymnastics. These movies comprise of different and compelling narratives of fictional and real people.

The 5 movies that you may always see making the cut on a gymnastics movie list are:

While none of them are critically acclaimed to the point of winning an award nomination, those who love gymnastics and movies find them to be entertaining nonetheless.

In any case, in a world full of sequels, remakes and reboots, watching any movie with an original idea can be considered a breeze of fresh air. Thus, all you need to do is to break out the popcorn after your gymnastics training, and kick back and relax while you watch these movies.