As a homeowner, one of the utmost priorities on your list is to ensure that your house is always in optimal shape.

Thus, whether it is about having your walls redone or getting your floors fixed, you have to be certain that the contractor your hired is capable enough to do their job.

This notion becomes even more profound when it pertains to one of the most crucial parts of your house: your roof.

Since roofing is a construction process that involves a lot of time and costs, it is imperative for you to obtain the services of reliable roofing contractors who have ample experience with the job and the responsibilities that it entails.

One of the most effective ways to do that is to verify the references of their previous job and their current standing within the roofing industry. Here are a few methods that you could employ to achieve this goal.

Ask Roofing Contractors for Their References Directly

Since you are verifying the references that belong to these roofers, it is prudent to start the search by asking said providers directly about clients who can vouch for their roofing services.


If they are able to provide you with a list of verifiable references, then that would check the requirement of them not only having served a few clients, but with services that enabled such customers to speak in their favor.


Check for Ratings on Revered Websites

Once you have asked for direct references, it would be time to check how your roofing contractors are doing on the rating scale of some of the most revered websites.

Sites such as Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List are considered as the most sought after entities when it comes to providing third party ratings to small businesses. Therefore, after checking that the roofers are available on these websites in the first place, go through their ratings. This would help you set out the good from the bad in terms of roofing contractors.

Check for Online Reviews

Once you have gone through the steps to follow some of the direct references and impartial ratings for your shortlisted roofing contractors, it would be time to check reviews that are provided directly by people who have utilized their services but which come without a pre-established understanding of being provided as references.

Most commonly, these reviews could be found on a number of platforms such as Yelp and Google. However, this approach is more nuanced than the provision of ratings by third party sites, since fake reviews are a norm in the online advertisement industry. With that being said, if you know how to vet these reviews, they can serve as an exceptional source of information for you.


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