vast majority of gyms today are using some form of┬ágym revenue management software. Rather than billing their customers themselves and keeping track of payments, they’re instead turning to third-party operators and software to take care of it for them. These systems will collect data from the gym’s members and then process their monthly payments. Gyms are using these kinds of systems because they reduce the amount of work they have to do and because they’re much more accurate at tracking revenue than actual people. If your gym isn’t currently using software like this, remedy that situation immediately. To help you find the right gym revenue management software, here are four things to look for.

1. Processes All Payments. This might seem obvious, but the software has to process all member payments. When a person signs up to become a member of your gym, their contact and payment information should be entered directly into the revenue management software. From there, the software itself and the company powering it should charge the members each month when their bill is due. If the software you purchase doesn’t do this, it’s not worth having.

2. Contacts Delinquent Members. Second, the software and the company operating it should be willing to handle all delinquent gym members. If there’s a person whose payment doesn’t go through one month, the revenue management system should contact them immediately and alert them. They should also send an alert to the gym notifying them of the person and how long their account has been delinquent. From there, the revenue management software should continuously contact the member until their bill is paid in full. If they never pay, then the gym should revoke their membership.

3. Handles Customer Service Requests. The third thing this software should do is handle all customer service requests. A huge aspect of running a gym is answering questions about billing, and it can be frustrating for employees to constantly be answering questions like these. When the software you purchase handles these requests for you, your time and the time of your employees is freed up to work on more important (and interesting) things.

4. Reliable. The last thing to look for in a┬áhealth club revenue management system is that it’s reliable. The system has to be up and running at all times, it has to always accurately bill each member, and it has to contact the correct person when an account is delinquent. If you can’t count on the system to work at all times, it’s worthless to you. You’ll miss out on payments, and in the end it will create more work for you than it takes away.

What you’re really looking for here is a system like Debitsuccess from┬áTSG that processes any and all member payments, that contacts delinquent members and notifies the gym when someone hasn’t paid, that handles all of the customer service complaints coming in, and that’s reliable. If the system you’re using doesn’t offer all four of these things, you’re using the wrong system.