This year’s hottest and by far most popular beauty trend has without a doubt been the strong push by women to have eyebrows that are so perfectly crafted that it reminds you what make up and a little bit of ingenuity can do. We have gone away from the wispy puny eyebrows that were the far over plucked style of the 90s and now we are living in the time of full, beautiful but still perfectly crafted eyebrows.

While women have been coloring in their eyebrows for years now, the way that women are now making their eyebrows fuller and more distinct is taking on all different sorts of new identity and tools. One of the most popular eyebrow beauty tricks, second only to waxing is probably the hot new beauty trend of eyebrow microblading.
If you haven’t heard of microblading yet, don’t worry, there is still time for you. Eyebrow microblading is a specific and special process that is some ways kind of similar to a temporary tattoo. Like a tattoo, little bits of ink are deposited under the skin to give a darker, fuller look to the eyebrows that actually looks like it is coming from the eyebrows instead of looking drawn on like is so often the case when you use eyebrow pencils. Unlike tattoos though, eyebrow microblading is not fully permanent. Normally after the procedure you will start to see some fading, normally thirty to forty percent face in the first month or two, in which time you will need a touch up. Once you do your second appointment, you should still be able to notice the process of the microblading for anywhere from another eight months to a full two years later.
Now you might be thinking, tattoos are not my thing and tattoos on my face oh dear god no. Fear not though, while the process might have some similarities to tattooing, because eyebrow microblading doesn’t go anywhere near as deep as tattooing and the matching that they use to do the eyebrow microblading is totally different, it doesn’t hurt anywhere near as badly as tattoos. Oh and make sure that you go to an eyebrow microblading salon such as Tigers Eyebrow Studio that also uses a numbing solution. There are a couple of different kinds out there but they all basically do the same thing of numbing up the area so that you barely feel anything at all. This way you really don’t have to worry or fear at all about the pain levels. It’s about the same as waxing or any of the other numerous things that we women do in order to make ourselves feel beautiful and fabulous.

If you want fuller, more perfect eyebrows and you haven’t tried eyebrow microblading yet, you should get in contact with Tigers Eyebrows and set up a consultation to see if eyebrow microblading is the solution you have been looking for. They will be able to answer any possible questions that you have and be able to set your mind totally at ease.