If you have heard of eyebrow microblading but have no idea what is involved with the procedures, then you need to know exactly what to expect from this trendy salon service. There are many great services nowadays that will offer you semi permanent eyebrow tinting and other services that will help you to continue to look great without having to cover your face with makeup every day. If you are one of those women who hate walking out of the house without mascara or fuller eyebrows, then you need to consider getting eyebrow microblading for your next salon service. eyebrow microblading

Microblading and other types of semi permanent eye brow tinting makeup options aren’t always easy or cheap. In fact, they can be painful procedures. But, once you are done, then you can enjoy your fuller eyebrows and eyelashes right away. There are many great reasons to do microblading but first, you need to know more about it. Listed here are several fun facts about eyebrow microblading:

  1. Microblading is actually the process where you implant pigmentation under the skin. This process is done with tiny, sterile needles that are disposable. It will give you the look of having real hair on your eyebrows and will also define your eyebrows while also giving them the fuller look that you have always dreamed about.
  2. Microblading can last awhile. When it is done right and you properly maintain the service then it can last anywhere from eight months to 24 months! If you choose to get it then you may not have to worry about your eyebrows for two years! It will fade though so you may want to get a touch up done within a year of having the first procedure.
  3. You can make it last as long as possible by following the after care instructions that your salon stylist gives you. It is highly important to follow the instructions at the beginning in order to prevent fading and to keep it looking great for as long as possible.
  4. It may hurt! As everyone’s pain tolerance is different, it is hard to say just how much it will hurt when you have the procedure done. You may also want to consider using a numbing gel when you have it done in order to be more comfortable.
  5. You cannot do the procedure if you are pregnant or if you are nursing. These are things that cannot be done until you are done nursing.

As you can see, there are many great things to learn about microblading your eyebrows. This is a great new trend for a reason. It will give you the thicker and fuller eyebrows that you have always wanted while also giving you the ability to enjoy these eyebrows without having to fill them in with a pencil! If you want to find the right studio to work with,then you will want to contact the experts over at Tiger’s Eyebrow Studio. They are Denver’s leading eyebrow experts and can give you the look that you need and have always wanted.