Large format printing is also known as wide-format and grand-format printing. It is a printing process generally used to create advertising or promotional materials. It is designed to support maximum roll size width which means that it is ideal for large format printing such as posters and banners. It is similar to digital printing but it uses large, high quality machines. In the past, large format printing had a lot of challenges such as high costs but it has now taken off as a cost effective print marketing solution. All that has changed due to the new technologies with higher capabilities and quicker turnaround speeds.

When it comes to the large format printing, you have to choose the appropriate material. Not only does the image, layout, quality and messaging affect the performance, but also the piece that is printed on. There are many large format printing materials out there for the picking according to their applications.

  1. Acrylic

Printing on acrylic will give the print an amazing optical depth and luminance which are a great selling point. It facilitates easy mounting and hanging while adding durability and preventing damage.

  1. Smooth banner

Smooth banner material offers exceptional image quality. It is made of durable vinyl that facilitates long lasting and affordable banners. This will attract attention and communicate the client’s message.

  1. Styrene

It is a thin, lightweight, durable and PVC sheet that can be used for a cost effective approach. Its common uses include POP displays, free-standing displays, bus advertising, billboards and tradeshow exhibits.

  1. White PVC

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a resilient, high grade plastic material that is known for its durability. The water-proof and weather resistant factor makes it the best for outdoor signage while its magnificent image quality gives maximum impact to various indoor applications.

  1. Removable vinyl

It features vinyl material backed with a removable adhesive and is ideal for interior graphics applications. It can be taken down without leaving a messy residue on any dry, flat, painted wall surfaces.


  1. Foamcore

Also known as foam board, the signage is exceedingly lightweight, fit for cost effective indoor signage and easy to handle

  1. Falconboard

It is a product that is ideal for cost effective production of graphic displays for applications such as kiosks, tradeshow graphics and POP displays. It is paper based and it includes recycled fiber content that has a superior print quality.

  1. Dibond

Dibond is an ultra-smooth product with aluminum facers on each side of a plastic core. It is maintenance free and is a long lasting product. Its ability to print on both the aluminum facers and its long lasting element makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor custom mounting applications.

  1. Canvas

Large format canvas prints are often the ideal solution for extremely high resolution printing needs.  It I used for art or photographic prints which will endure a heavy degree of scrutiny.

  1. Coroplast

It is a grooved plastic material made using polypropylene sheet. It is lightweight and cost effective. It’s weather resistant, waterproof and well suited for outdoor use.