http://www.cutterinnovations.comYou probably don’t spend a ton of time thinking about this, but in order for airplanes and spaceships to fly, lots of little pieces of metal (and some large ones as well) have to be manufactured exactly right and then joined together. In your average passenger airplane, there are well over 100,000 different parts that make up the airplane. All of these pieces rely on one another, and if one piece isn’t made properly or installed in the correct way, then the entire airplane might not work. For these reasons, and many more, aerospace machining has to be exact.

Since all of these metal pieces have to be manufactured before they can be pieced together to create an airplane, space shuttle, or satellite, it follows that some company out there has to do the actual manufacturing. You might be a bit surprised to learn that there are actually quite a few different precision machining businesses out there that produce this kind of equipment. These businesses specialize in creating all sorts of metal pieces for different industries, and that includes the aerospace industry. They have different pieces of specialized equipment that make the precision cutting of metal possible, and many of them even use machines that use wires that have been charged with electricity to cut very fine patterns into metal without damaging the metal itself. This is very advanced technology, and it’s precisely the kind of technology that businesses need to be able to create small pieces of metal that go into the manufacturing of things that fly in the air.

It’s critical that aerospace parts manufacturing be extremely exact to make the airplane or spacecraft fly, and that’s important not only because these pieces of equipment are incredibly expensive, but also because they typically are carrying people. Sure, there are some things that fly in the air, such as drones, that don’t have anyone inside, but the majority of aircrafts out there carry passengers, or at the very least pilots. If something goes wrong with one of the metal pieces inside the aircraft and it stops working properly, there’s a decent chance there could be an accident. Since there are people on board, that would be a tragedy. Therefore, not only do these parts need to be extremely exact to ensure that the aircraft stays in the air, but they also need to be exact to ensure that everyone is safe.

Companies like Cutter Innovations understand this, which is why they ensure that every single metal part coming out of their manufacturing shop is exactly what their client was looking for. They work tirelessly to ensure the quality of the parts they’re manufacturing by testing them throughout the manufacturing process, checking in with their customers, and performing other checks to ensure the equipment producing the parts is working properly. They truly understand just how exact the parts they’re producing need to be for their clients, and that’s why they only use the best equipment and the most highly-trained staff members in their facility.