, about half of all Americans who end up getting married will also end up getting divorced. You shouldn’t read that and assume that your marriage isn’t going to work. Each marriage is unique, and if half of them don’t end up working out, that means the other half do. They’re just the cold hard numbers, and what they tell us is that about half of all married couples will eventually split up. That being said, knowing that there’s the possibility that your marriage won’t end in happily ever after doesn’t make it any easier to deal with divorce when it actually happens to you. There are all sorts of emotional trauma that people go through when they’re getting divorced, from anger to feelings of not being good enough. This is why so many people out there look to hire a qualified divorce coach to help them through the process.

Divorce coaches help people by setting them up with the resources they’re going to need to get through their divorce as easily as possible, and by being there as a support for people when they’re really struggling through the process. There are lots of different things that divorce coaches can do and we don’t need to get into all of them here, but one of the things they’re great at is helping you understand how much you can expect to spend during your divorce. To be clear, there’s no way of knowing what a divorce is going to cost you because every divorce is unique. How long the legal process will take, how much money each party brings to the table, and how many lawyers get involved will all determine how much the divorce costs you, and there’s no way of knowing that final number until the divorce is finalized.

All that said, divorce coaches are experts in divorce because they spend their working careers walking people through the process. So, while they may not know what the divorce will cost you in the end, they can help you prepare for the process. They can also walk you through ways in which you can cut costs. For instance, they can set you up with a quality lawyer who doesn’t cost as much as some. They’re willing to vet all of the lawyers for you until they find one that they believe will do a good job but for a reduced rate. They can also guide you through what some of the legal costs will be, so at least you know what that part of the process should cost. They won’t know how much money you’re going to have to give up or what you’ll gain, but they can help you get everything else in order.

Separation advice is invaluable to people who are going through the process for the first time, and that’s why so many people turn to divorce coaches like those at The Divorcierge. Their experienced and certified divorce coaches can’t resolve your marriage, but they can help you prepare for your divorce.