RoofingWe all know that one person who loves do-it-yourself projects. That person may even be you. When you have yard work, house work, pool work, or some car work to do, there’s nobody else you’d rather have do it besides yourself. A good DIY project is the perfect way to spend a beautiful summer weekend, or in some cases, several summer weekends, but there are some projects so ambitious that you may be better off leaving it to the pros. Getting your roof re-done or repaired, or fully re-installed, could be one of those projects. Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should hire a professional roofer.

1. Safety

Not all roofs are created equal. Some are sturdier than others, some are flat, some are pitched at intense slants, and some are so badly damaged that standing on them would almost certainly lead to serious injury. Unless you have extensive experience walking on and off a roof with heavy materials and equipment, it may be wise to leave your repair or installation to professional roofers. If you have a small project, like a shed or a garage, you may be better off doing it yourself, but for the more ambitious projects, the dangers simply don’t outweigh the costs or experience.

2. Cost

Most people think doing a project themselves will save them money, and in some situations they’re right. This is usually the case when you have the experience, tools, materials, and the proper manpower to get the job done. However, most roofing projects require a lot of equipment the average person doesn’t have, and buying everything yourself can come with a lot of hidden costs you may not even think of.

For example, you’ll have to account for gas in your tank to go buy the materials, and if you need to take days off from work, that’s money lost. If you render your home unlivable during construction time, you may have to pay for a place to stay as well. Many professionals get bulk shipments of quality materials and safety supplies at a fraction of the cost you would get from a store.

3. Liability

Unless you’re an expert, you’re likely to make some mistakes on your roofing project. When you hire experts, you can sleep well at night knowing that professionals put your roof together and it is fully insured if anything goes wrong. And if they did get lazy and take shortcuts, you can be stress-free knowing that you’re not at fault for possibly breaking any laws.

4. Greater possibilities

Installing asphalt shingles or roll-up roofing may be an easy DIY project, but if you want a stylish terracotta roof or slate squares, you’re going to need a professional. These roofing options require tricky installation techniques, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it could end up costing a lot more money than you’d put aside. Not to mention, the professionals usually have access to the best materials.

5. Speed

When it comes to roof installation, professionals at a place like J & K Roofing will be able to do it much faster than you can. Speed isn’t as important as quality, but with a professional, you get both. They will make less mistakes, if any, and they won’t spend an entire summer getting the job done.

Whatever roofing project you’re considering, it’s probably worth hiring a professional.