Metal roofing

Metal roofing has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. From large-scale industrial structures to everyday residences, the type of roofing is being welcomed by almost every sector of real estate due to various benefits that it brings to the table. In fact, its popularity has grown to the point where it is expected to play a big part in increasing the global roofing market by more than 50% in less than 10 years.

The statement comes from Transparency Market Research, which noted the growing popularity of metal roof installation throughout the world. The report remains interesting to read, since it mentions how metal roofing is all set to be a major player in the global roofing industry by 2026.

While the report is intriguing, its importance is even more profound when you apply its findings to yourself. Should you look into getting this new roof type that everyone has been raving about? The answer might be simpler than you thought, and these 5 benefits of metal roofing might help you make your decision.


It Is Durable

Metal roofing is known to be highly durable, which is one of the many reasons why it has been used by various segments of society for hundreds of years. In its modern form, metal roofing gets to follow the example set by its past iterations and can withstand half a century of usage very easily. In most cases, it can go past 70 years of usage without you having to do much about its maintenance.


It is Eco-Friendly

Apart from being sturdy, metal roofing is also highly eco-friendly. Its environment friendly built can be judged by how up to 95% of a metal roofing can be easily recyclable by the end of its active usage. In a world with rapidly increasing temperatures caused by global warming, even the most minuscule of statistics matter, and thus this whopping contribution by metal roofing cannot be taken lightly.


It is Fireproof

Speaking of high temperatures, metal roofing can actually withstand them to the point of being fireproof. This does not only add a cool ability to your roofing material, but it goes a long way in protecting your house from wildfires and other disasters. It would also be prudent to mention that contrary to some people’s belief, metal roofing does not attract lightning to itself. It is just as safe as any other structure in that regard.

It Can Conserve Energy

In addition to fending off fires from itself, metal roofing can actually absorb heat and cold in many forms. The roofing material sustains high temperatures while controlling them for the inhabitants of the structure that it has been installed in. This helps in reducing the energy consumption by the structure and leads to a lesser carbon footprint on the planet.


It is Lightweight

In contrast to other roofing material, metal roofing remains lightweight and weighs around 40 to 135 pounds per 100 square feet. This makes it one of the most lightweight materials in roof installation and also results in it being recommended by the Whole Building Design Guide as an ideal material to build with in earthquake prone areas.


Metal Roofing Remains an All Around Winner In Terms of Usage

All in all, metal roofing proves to be one of the most viable choices when it comes to roof installation. While it remains pricier than other roofing materials, it actually pays for itself over decades of usage with the promise of minimal maintenance and roofing repair. If you have not already made the decision of getting it installed on your property, at least try looking into it.